About Our Products


We guarantee the authenticity of our fossils, artifacts, and other specimens. We can do this by sourcing our items only from trusted, verifiable sources. We also consult with professionals in various scientific fields to provide independent verification of questionable items. If you find that our representation with regards to authenticity or restoration is inaccurate, the specimen can be returned for a full refund.

We do occasionally sell synthetic fossil replicas, but they are always clearly labeled as such.


Life is of supreme importance to us. All of our specimens of once-living creatures have come from verifiably ethical and humane sources. This means all of these creatures lived and died naturally in the wild.

This is why many such items in our shop are more expensive than similar items in other shops. Cheaper and less humane suppliers are abundant, but we refuse to sell these items. (Trust me, you don't want to see the bunnies, bats, and other creatures being farmed in packed cages just to be encased in acrylic. But you've likely seen the products of these farms at respectable shops.)


As of Sept. 1, 2019, a special license is no longer required to own laboratory glassware in the state of Texas.

SB 616 (86th Legislative Session) amends Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 481 to repeal the requirement of a permit and the offense for failing to obtain a permit. The bill retains the requirements that anyone who uses a precursor chemical or laboratory apparatus must:

  1. Submit loss or theft reports to the department,
  2. Maintain records and inventories in accordance with department rules, and
  3. Allow a member of the department or a peace officer to conduct audits and inspect records.

Prior to Sept. 1, 2019, many of the items in our laboratory category were considered "controlled substances" and illegal to possess in Texas without a precursor chemicals and laboratory apparatus (PCLA) permit.