Stemcell Brand Guidelines

This page is for anyone planning to collaborate with Stemcell. If you haven't signed up to work with us, you can do that here. Here's a quick guide to understanding our brand so we all get the most out of our partnership.

1. Our Mission

We believe a smarter world is a better world. Our mission is to cultivate curious minds of all ages and inspire them to learn on their own.

Whether it's our Matter subscription box or our unique individual products, we want to ignite curiosity and inspire a love for science in everyone. After all, anyone's brain——even yours——could hold a unique idea that could improve the quality of life for every human who will ever live. 

2. Goals for Collaborators

Unless we discuss otherwise, our goal for brand representatives is brand awareness——to make Stemcell synonymous with genius, at the intersection of smart and cool.

Of course sales are vital to our business, so those are good too, but the best way to target our core audience is to make sure our products, apparel, or logo show up wherever there is intriguing scientific talk occurring.

3. Product Representation & Language

We aren't going to tell you exactly what to say or how to say it, but here are some tips and prompts if you're feeling blocked.


  • Avoid Pseudoscience: Never promote pseudoscience in association with our products, especially in regards to any metaphysical claims of rocks, crystals, and minerals. Instead, speak about the many scientific properties that make them amazing.
  • Be Scientifically Accurate: Please be factually accurate if you plan to speak about the science behind our products. Most of our products include detailed research cards.


  • Igniting Curiosity: Talk about how our products are meant to spark curiosity and fuel a love for science.
    • "science is everywhere"
    • "discover something everyday"
    • "stay curious"
  • Sustainability: Speak to our company's commitment to leaving the world better than we found it by ensuring all our activity is carbon neutral.
    • "sustainable"
    • "climate conscious"
    • "recyclable, compostable, or reusable packaging"
  • Quality & Exclusivity: Highlight the high quality and unique nature of our offerings compared to traditional science products.
    • "museum-quality"
    • "laboratory-grade"
    • "actual fossil"
  • Community & Collaboration: Emphasize the universal, pan-spectral nature of science.
    • "science is for everyone"
    • "the joy of science doesn't end at childhood"
    • "science doesn't discriminate"
  • Unboxing Experience: Share the excitement of unboxing the Matter subscription box.
    • "science museum in a box"
    • "start your personal museum"
    • "satisfy your curiosity"
  • Personal Connection: Inspire others with your personal connection to science or what our products mean to you. 
    • "what science means to me"
    • "nostalgic science moments"
  • Gift of Knowledge: Talk about the gift aspect, especially during the holiday season.
    • "gifting discovery"
    • "presents with purpose"
    • "a gift that keeps on giving"

    4. Social Media & Hashtags

    • Tagging: Always tag our official accounts when posting on social media.
    • Hashtags: Use our official hashtags, e.g., #ShopStemcell, #MatterBox.
    • Linking: Double check your URLs to our website or specific product pages.

    5. Ethics & Integrity

    Do not do anything illegal, reckless, insulting, or otherwise "not smart" while representing Stemcell. Science does not discriminate, and neither do we.

    6. Visual Guidelines

    Below are our brand assets to assist in producing visual content that represents Stemcell. Most collaborators won't need these. If you aren't sure about something, feel free to reach out.


    white flask logo white flask
    grey flask logo grey flask
    orange flask logo orange flask






    Obviously Wide

    Obviously Wide

    Obviously Wide

    IBM Plex Sans


    Anonymous Pro


    Images: Utilize high-quality images that reflect the essence of discovery and scientific exploration. We can provide images from our catalog if needed. 



    Should you have any questions, need additional information, or require support, please don't hesitate to reach out at

    Thank you for being a part of our exciting journey to bring the joy of science to homes and museums across the globe!