Book Donations

Do you have old science books taking up space? 

Is there a trove of knowledge sitting on your shelves or in boxes in the attic? Someone out there may be looking for a very specific piece of information that's in one of those books. Send your books to us and we'll find them a new, curious home.

You'll be supporting current scientific research as well as our small business.

We gladly accept most science book donations at our Tulsa facility. If you're in Tulsa, feel free to drop off books during business hours. If you're not in Tulsa, send us a message below about your collection and we'll email you a prepaid shipping label to ship them our way.


Books we love:

  • Non-fiction science
  • 50+ years old
  • Niche subjects
  • Books in good condition
  • Hardcover books

Books we aren't interested in:

  • Science fiction
  • Mass market paperbacks
  • Books in poor condition