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Color Mixing Cube - 2"

Color Mixing Cube - 2"

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This hefty glass cube features transparent faces of cyan, magenta, and yellow—the primary colors of the CMY color model used by designers worldwide.

The CMY color model is subtractive, which means that these three colors can be layered in different ratios to absorb, or “subtract”, specific wavelengths, creating a vast range of colors. By mixing all three in equal amounts, enough wavelengths can be subtracted to leave only black.

As light passes through the cube, the colors can be mixed or isolated to create new colors and achieve various effects for photography, art, teaching, or exploring color theory.

You’ve probably heard of CMYK, where “K” represents black, or “key.” When printing in CMY, black is often added to efficiently produce richer dark colors.

We make our cubes to laboratory-grade specs normally reserved for scientific research optics. This results in high-clarity glass, ultra-smooth surfaces, and the purest colors possible.


Size 50mm3 (2" x 2" x 2")
Mass 300g (0.67 lb)
Dimensional Tolerance 0.0/-0.1 mm
Surface Flatness λ/4
Surface Quality 60/40
Certification CE ISO 9001
Beveled Edges Yes
Stand included Yes

  • Stand Included
  • Research Card
  • Solid Glass

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
D.T. (Virginia, United States)

Fantastic item! I'm fascinated with color and this cube looks gorgeous on my drawing table.

B.Y. (Virginia, United States)

What a fun and delightful cube. Quick service.

K.M. (Virginia, United States)

Ken gave this item 5 stars

T.D. (Virginia, United States)

Tina gave this item 5 stars

T.D. (Virginia, United States)

Tina gave this item 5 stars

D.S. (Virginia, United States)

Derek gave this item 5 stars

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