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Laser (Class 3R)

Laser (Class 3R)

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This laser is no toy. Lasers of this class are often used by astronomers to point to stars and align telescopes since the powerful beam is visible in the night sky.

This laser can also be used as a signaling tool at times or distances where traditional flashlights aren’t as effective. Toss it in an emergency kit in case you ever need to alert search & rescue teams or even communicate using morse code.

This laser is water resistant and can charge via USB. Features a sturdy metal housing and optional lens refractor attachment. This is the same laser featured in our Laser Beam Set.

Green lasers appear brightest because human eyes are more sensitive to greens. The blue laser appears blue on some surfaces and violet on others.

What is a Laser?

The word LASER is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. This phrase basically means that all lasers, whether made for your cat to chase or to cut through steel, work on the same basic principle of “pumping” electrons with energy and using photons to steal that energy at a specific wavelength & frequency.

Class: 3R
Power Supply: USB rechargeable


Lasers can cause damage to vision. Use with caution and do not point directly at eyes. Younger users should be accompanied during use. It is illegal to point at aircraft, or their flight path, at any distance.

  • Class 3R, fka 2B

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i. (Oklahoma, United States)
It's decent

I didn't expect it to be that strong.(ITS STRONG)


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