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Silkworm Cocoons

Silkworm Cocoons

    These cocoons are the source of pure silk, the fabric renowned for its smooth texture, sheen, and luxurious feel. It has been highly valued for centuries, and its production and use have played a significant role in various cultures and economies around the world.
    Silk is a natural protein fiber produced by certain insects, primarily the larvae of silkworms. The most well-known type of silk, including this sample, comes from the mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori.

    Silkworms produce silk to create protective cocoons during their pupal stage. As they spin the cocoon, they secrete a protein-rich fluid through specialized salivary glands that hardens upon exposure to air. A single silkworm can produce hundreds of meters of silk in days.

    Inside the cocoon, metamorphosis transforms the silkworm into a pupa, then into an adult. Eventually, the adult moth emerges, leaving an empty cocoon.
    The cocoon can now be boiled and carefully unraveled, a process known as “reeling.” The extracted silk fibers can then be woven into textiles and fabrics.
    Note: In the silk industry, cocoons are often harvested before the adult has emerged. Our cocoons were harvested after allowing the silkworms to complete their life cycle and emerge naturally.


    Two silkworm cocoons in a mini envelope.

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