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Uranium Glass Ball

Uranium Glass Ball

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Radiation: 0.14 μSv/h

Item #219

Uranium glass is a type of glass made with a small amount of the radioactive element with atomic number 92. This causes it to glow intensely bright green under ultraviolet light.

It was once common for glass manufacturers to add small amounts of uranium oxide, around 2% by weight, to their items to achieve yellow or green coloration. This practice became less popular after the element was strictly regulated in the US under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954.

Since UV lights are now widely accessible, interest in uranium glass has risen again and is now sought by collectors. The presence of uranium also means the glass is slightly radioactive. It is harmless to handle, but please avoid eating it.

In America, uranium is illegal to own without a license; however, an exception has been made for glassware containing uranium, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

  • Size is around ⅞ – 1” diameter.
  • These are vintage, so some dents, small chips, and manufacturing imperfections can be expected.
  • Slightly radioactive, but they're harmless.
  • Makes a great uranium sample if you're collecting the elements.
  • Comes in an acrylic storage box.

This item pairs well with our ultraviolet LED flashlights.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
V.G. (District of Columbia, United States)
For the curious!

If it’s you or you have someone in your life that enjoys elements. This is a must have for their collection. My budding chemist, a wise 7yr old is over the moon about it. He has a few elements now from Stemcell and we can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

V.S. (Virginia, United States)

Beautiful piece got it for my mother's collection. She loved it!

J.K. (Virginia, United States)

The packaging was excellent. Loved the item, the display box it came in and the high quality information card it came with. Even the cardboard box they shipped it in was clever. Worth purchasing this item from this seller.

W.M. (North Carolina, United States)
Uranium glass ball

Really cool glass ball. Glows best with 365 NM uv light. 395 nm looks cool too.

J.C. (Alabama, United States)
Cool piece

Cool piece of unique glass.

R.B. (Tennessee, United States)

This was beautiful and my class loved it


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