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Coelacanth Pin

Coelacanth Pin

32 total reviews

  • Prehistoric Pin Series

Finally, an enamel pin honoring your favorite deep sea creature.

Coelacanths constitute a now-rare order of fish that includes two extant species in the genus Latimeria: the West Indian Ocean coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae) primarily found near the Comoro Islands off the east coast of Africa and the Indonesian coelacanth (Latimeria menadoensis). They follow the oldest-known living lineage of Sarcopterygii (lobe-finned fish and tetrapods), which means they are more closely related to lungfish and tetrapods than to ray-finned fish. They are found along the coastline of Indonesia and in the Indian Ocean. The West Indian Ocean coelacanth is a critically endangered species. Coelacanths belong to the subclass Actinistia, a group of lobed-finned fish related to lungfish and certain extinct Devonian fish such as osteolepiforms, porolepiforms, rhizodonts, and Panderichthys.

Coelacanths were thought to have become extinct in the Late Cretaceous, around 66 million years ago, but were rediscovered in 1938 off the coast of South Africa. The coelacanth was long considered a "living fossil" because scientists thought it was the sole remaining member of a taxon otherwise known only from fossils, with no close relations alive, and that it evolved into roughly its current form approximately 400 million years ago. However, several more recent studies have shown that coelacanth body shapes are much more diverse than previously thought.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    A.M. (Virginia, United States)

    I've had a thing for coelacanths since i saw a preserved one at a local museum when i was a kiddo, so I was pretty darn excited to find a pin to add to my collection >:D

    C.M. (Virginia, United States)

    Bought it as a gift for secret Santa and my friend loved it!

    Great Pin

    Well made and my friend loved it.

    J.J. (Virginia, United States)

    Everything about this pin is fantastic. My wife recently started playing animal crossing new horizons. When she caught her first Coelacanth on the game I knew I had to (in some way) get her a “real” one. She also collects lapel pins, so this is a double win for me 😉.Thank you so much for making her dream come true. You have a great shop and I will continue to order from you.

    E. (Alberta, Canada)
    Coelecanth pin

    My friends got niche interests so it was nice to find such a good quality pin of something he likes.

    E.M. (Virginia, United States)

    The pin is awesome, very detailed and sturdy and the shipping was super fast. My only suggestion would be that it needs at least one more pin to secure it. As it is now, the pin likes to spin around. Not really a big deal, but just a minor thing.

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